Is Mr. Rahul Gandhi politically mature

India: Premier announces withdrawal

April 8, 2017, 9:58 pm

Lieutenants make room

Whatever the outcome of the parliamentary elections in May, India faces a change at the top of the government in any case. Because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh no longer wants to, after ten years. Even if his Congress party wins, he will hand over the baton to a new head of government a few months after the parliamentary elections, says Singh. Manmohan Singh named his ideal successor earlier. The man bears the world-famous name Gandhi: The 43-year-old Rahul Gandhi is the son of the murdered Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the current Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi and the great-grandson of the state's founder Jawaharlal Nehru.

It is an open secret in India that Manmohan Singh has only acted as governor for the new offspring of the Gandhi dynasty all these years. Now Rahul Gandhi is said to be ripe for the highest office in the state. That seems to have been decided by the Congress Party, or rather, his mother Sonia Gandhi as party leader. Because there is no doubt that Sonia Gandhi holds the real political power in India.

Opposition is growing

But an election victory for the Congress party is by no means certain, at least at the moment. In the latest polls, the Hindu nationalists under the leadership of the controversial politician Narendra Modi have grown significantly. Modi, who scores with a successful economic policy, is said to have fueled the bloody riots against Muslims in 2002, in which hundreds of people were killed.

It would be a disaster for the country if opposition leader Narendra Modi were elected Prime Minister, Singh explains with unusually harsh words. At a rare press conference in New Delhi, the 81-year-old said he was confident and placed his hopes in the younger generation of political leaders. It was only his third in his tenure as prime minister. The number of his interviews is also limited, fewer than a dozen in the past nine and a half years. Apparently he lives as if in an ivory tower, Singh rarely commented on socio-political events in his country. He was also silent for days about the scandal surrounding the rape of a young woman by six men. Only when violent protests broke out after the student's death, he tried to calm the population down.

But Manmohan Singh was not unpopular - despite his reserved manner. As a doctor of economics, he pushed through reforms, even as finance minister in the 1990s, when he liberalized the state-controlled economy. In terms of foreign policy, during his tenure in office there was an initial, albeit tentative, rapprochement with the arch enemy Pakistan. And one more thing: Manmohan Singh is considered to be of absolute integrity, and that in a country where corruption is part of everyday life.