How is VGTU Lithuania for students

Lithuania, Vilnius (VGTU)

Dual degree MSc. Mechanical engineering / mechatronics

TU Braunschweig (TUBS) / Vilniaus Technikos Universitetas (VGTU)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dietzel | Phone + 49-531-391-9750 | a.dietzel (at)

Prof. Dr. Vytautas BuÄinskas | Phone (8 5) 237 0668 | vytautas.bucinskas (at)

The study program is the same for both students from the TUBS or from VGTU. The first year take place at the VGTU and the second at the TUBS. The program totals in 120 ECTS credits

Master Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics TUBS / VGTU

Fundamentals of scientific Research and Innovation

Mechanics of Mechatronic and Robotic System

Experimental research of mechatronic systems

Method of finite elements in mechanics

Diagnostics in mechatronics

Modeling of mechatronic systems

Control systems in mechatronics

Smart materials in mechatronics

Applications of Microsystems Engineering with Laboratory Micromechatronics

Vibration measurement technology

Application of commercial FE software

Soft skills training (free choice e.g. Language course)

The VGTU / TUBS students has to apply until the last bachelor semester.

Semester application deadline

Please see International office TUBS and VGTU

June 1st for the winter semester or the academic year
December 1st for the summer semester

The application to this program is to do online at the international office for incomings and outcomings:

- Bachelor of Science (Original and traduction in EN)

- transcripts of records of bachelor and master modules (Original and traduction in EN)

- motivational letter in EN

- Certificate of the student's English proficiency

- Equivalence form for the knowledge required for the Master's program at the TUBS.