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Unboxing - why unpacking has become a trend

They generate millions of clicks on YouTube and on social networks, help companies and their products to become well known and thus generate hype that spreads like wildfire through the Internet: Unboxing videos are one of those trends that hardly anyone could foresee. which are now firmly part of the Internet. This creates valuable opportunities for authentic marketing for companies.

Packaging: It should be high quality, practical and comfortable

Unboxing videos have something that classic advertising campaigns, advertisements, TV spots and the like are missing: authenticity. A “real” person unpacks a “real” product - without marketing effects, promises or a production controlled by the company. Psychologists justify the phenomenon with the tension that every person automatically feels when something is not visibly packaged. The brain asks itself: “What does it look like under the packaging?” Or “What surprises could arise?”. The surprise effect remains for our brain even if the product is actually already known - for example from advertisements.

For companies, unboxing is more than “just” an internet trend. This gives you the opportunity to skillfully market your own product, often with a manageable budget and from the hands of authentic people who unite a large number of followers and fans on their own YouTube channels. Products and packaging that are classy are particularly popular with viewers. This is undoubtedly also due to the fact that not all of the enthusiasts want or can buy the product themselves - but still get satisfaction from watching other people unpack it.

Unboxing videos often contain valuable information as well

Packaging that is of high quality arrives at the customer. Likewise, however, the packaging is usually not the focus of advertisements, TV spots and Co. If packaging is noble, this is taken up in the unboxing video. Likewise, viewers learn even more about the product. You get an authentic picture of how big or manageable the product is, what it looks like in normal light or how the products can be handled in the hands of a "normal" person.

This is precisely where the key lies: traditional campaigns are geared towards presenting a product in the best possible light - and thus often appear involuntarily aloof. With unboxing videos, the viewer gets the feeling that he could just unpack the product himself. This creates a far more authentic connection.

In order for this to be successful, the packaging must be of high quality. True to the motto: "The first impression counts", manufacturers have to prove that the satisfaction of their customers is important to them. Packaging that is elegant underpins this. Customers get the feeling that they are buying a perfectly stacked, optimally protected product.

Something noble and high quality that deserves just as good packaging. Those who do not neglect the packaging and presentation will not only satisfy their customers. Likewise, such unboxing YouTubers are more likely to draw a positive conclusion, viewers are more likely to be impressed and the desire to hold something like that in their own hands is growing.

Strong products therefore deserve equally strong packaging that takes up the attitude towards life that the finished product is intended to convey to the customer. An unboxing video can do valuable persuasion.

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