Can India defeat China in mobile technology

Work has changed. This applies not only to the way work is organized in the company, but also to the framework conditions that determine how work is experienced individually by each individual employee.
Standardization, offshoring and outsourcing shape the reorganization processes of companies. These developments meet people for whom work has long been characterized by two conditions.

Work is unbounded.
The distinction between work and leisure or at home is becoming more and more difficult due to constant availability, the establishment of home offices and customer or project-oriented working hours.

And work is subjectified.
Each individual is made increasingly responsible for the success or failure of his or her tasks and career planning. The framework conditions are becoming more and more difficult and your own design options are decreasing.

Together with ver.di, the I am more initiative wants to safeguard the interests of IT employees as well as possible.
The approaches that we develop as a union must do justice to the complexity of industry development if they are to have a lasting effect.
We are working on this continuously - together with the employees and our members. Because it is they who create the values ​​in the industry and therefore have to be the focus.

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