Which airline has crashed the most?

The 10 most unsafe airlines in the world

The aircraft accident bureau JACDEC lists the 60 largest airlines according to safety aspects every year. These 10 airlines did particularly badly last year and are wearing the red lantern.

At the bottom of the safety ranking: the Vietnamese airline Vietnam Airlines had the most incidents.

Photo: AIRBUS S.A.S. 2006

10. Copa Airlines

The Panama airline has had two major incidents since the 1990s. In June 1992 a Boeing 737 crashed and 47 people were killed. In October 2013, a system failure led to the total failure of 110 flights.

9. GOL Transportes AĆ©reos

The Brazilian low-cost airline was only founded in 2001. A crash over the Amazon led to the poor ranking: All 154 people died in a collision with another aircraft in 2006.

8. Saudia

While the competing airlines Ethiad and Emirates are at the top of the safety ranking, the Saudi Arabian airline Saudia only makes it into the ranking of the most unsafe airlines. This was ensured by a crash in 1996 and an emergency landing in 2014. During the subsequent evacuation of the heavily damaged aircraft, 29 passengers were injured.

7. TAM Airlines

A crash in 2007 is responsible for the poor placement of the South American airline. 200 people were killed when an A320 slipped over the runway at Sao Paulo airport.

Serious accident: In 2007 a TAM Airbus rolled down a busy street into a four-story building, where the machine went up in flames.

Source: AIRBUS S.A.S. 2010

6. Malaysia Airlines

Two accidents in 2014 caused the airline to fall deeply. Contact with flight MH 370 was lost in March, and the plane is still considered lost today. About four months later, another plane crashed - due to an anti-aircraft missile over eastern Ukraine. Compared to the 2014 ranking, Malaysia Airlines improved by two places.

5. Garuda Indonesia

Six serious accidents with a total of 282 deaths in the last 30 years are responsible for Garuda's poor ranking. Most recently, 21 people died in an accident when a plane caught fire on landing in 2007. From 2007 to 2008 Garuda was not allowed to take off and land at any European airport.

4. Avianca

The Colombian airline complained about three crashes with a total of 323 fatalities in the last 30 years - the last in 1990. Due to its strong growth, Avianca did not appear in the ranking until this year.

3. China Airlines

The Chinese airline has a long list of incidents - and crashes. The last major accident occurred in 2002 when an aircraft - probably due to material fatigue - broke apart during the flight just outside Taiwan. All 225 people on board came to us.

The Chinese airline China Airlines does not have a good accident record.

Source: China Airlines

2. Lion Air

The Indonesian airline Lion Air recorded seven aircraft losses in its corporate history. There are also numerous incidents during take-offs and landings.

1. Vietnam Airlines

The airline is re-entering the ranking of the most unsafe airlines - and at the bottom of the list. A total of five aircraft losses in 30 years and 171 fatalities are responsible for this.

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