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Caps style advice

The different cap styles

Scene-specific trends

In addition to the feeling of belonging or solidarity with a baseball team, baseball caps also express belonging to different subcultures. They are often worn in a certain way and combined with scene-specific clothing.

Hip-hop style

The baseball cap is an essential accessory in the hip-hop scene. This includes not only rappers and MCs, but also DJs, breakdancers, beatboxers and graffiti artists. They all wear a baseball cap, preferably with a flat peak and a high, constructed crown. In the past few years it was mainly the fitted 59Fifty that attracted hip hoppers, but now, in the course of the 90s revival, the snapback fastener is increasingly coming back into fashion. Whether crooked, the wrong way round or straight and with the umbrella forward is up to each hopper.

An important trend of the past few years shone from every visor of every Hopper. This gold or silver glossy, circular sticker is the size specification with the brand name, which the company New Era in particular attaches to their caps. For many hip-hoppers it became fashionable to leave this symbol of originality on the screen. The brand itself developed it to protect against cheap counterfeits.

Other brands have jumped on the bandwagon and are also decorating their caps with such a sticker. There are now numerous ways to design such a sticker yourself.

Basically, the stickers are provided with an adhesive that does not damage the cap. However, if the sticker is left for a long time, a circular stain can appear, not least because the color of the cap around the sticker changes slightly due to exposure to the sun, care and use.

It remains to be pointed out that the hip-hop outfit is not limited to the right cap, but rather other basics such as baggy pants, wide shirts, speakers and lots of bling-bling belong to it.

Skater style

The skater style is less tangible than the hip hop style. It comes in all sorts of different variants. From skater punk to casual mesh style and hip-hop skaters. For the latter, a hip-hop-style baseball cap is a must. The others can experiment. But especially for the mesh-style skater who doesn't care about style as casually as possible, a trucker cap is a recommendable anti-style statement. The 5-panel cap is also recommended, as it looks very casual and casual.

Otherwise, the baseball cap is simply practical for doing sports, including skating, to protect yourself from the sun and keep the sweat out of your eyes.

The Cappy is high couture

2017 is the year of the baseball cap, because it made it onto the big stage. From Chanel to Max Mara, everyone thinks baseball caps are cool at once. Strange but understandable, one looks at the trends of the past few years: the 90s revival makes all sorts of supposedly hideous parts cool again, especially jogging pants, training jackets and other original sportswear are enjoying under the label athleisure, a word created from athlete and leisure (Leisure) great popularity again. And baseball caps are just as practical.

As early as 2012, New Era started a cooperation with Pantheone. The latter designed and tailored dresses only from New Era caps. Even the stickers on the umbrellas can still be seen partially. The collection is called once upon a time and as the name already suggests, the clothes are very magical and fabulous.

Other trends

The 5-panel cap is particularly popular at the moment. Her crown is very flat, which makes it look very informal and casual. Usually there is a snapback fastener on the back, which makes them also practical.

Another trend is the so-called dad hat. An unconstructed cap with a snapback and mostly curved peak, which was mainly spotted on celebrity heads.

In general, the shields are slightly bent again and the trend is from a high to a flat, unconstructed crown.

As you like it

Ultimately, you have to decide which cap you like and how you wear it.
Whatever scene or trend you feel obliged to do, one thing remains unavoidable - your face.

The cap adapted to your face

Show me your face and I'll tell you what suits you! Because for a successful style, not only the cap should match your outfit, but also you, more precisely, your face shape.

Here is a little style advice for the different face types.

Round face

It is best to wear a constructed cap with a high crown, this balances out the softness of your face and gives it more contour. The best thing for you is a straight, wide shield, which complements the width of your face and optically creates more corners and edges.

Angular face

An angular face can appear less bulky in combination with a large crown. A slightly curved shade gives the face more gentleness.

Oval face

A cap with a flat crown is best for people with an oval, long face, otherwise the head will look even longer. Constructed caps can visually conjure up more contours, as can a straight shield.

Heart-shaped face

All caps are easy to wear with a heart-shaped face. However, if the lower part of the face is very narrow, it is better to use a cap with a flat crown, otherwise the cap looks too bulky.

Choose the cap fit

Cap sizes

First of all, it is important to know how to measure the size of a baseball cap. Either the head circumference in centimeters or the diameter of the head in inches is used for this. The latter is the American size specification and, since Caps, an original

American headgear, it is often used here. A comparison table of German and American sizes can be found here:

Inches6 3/86 1/26 5/86 3/46 7/877 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/47 7/88

How do I measure my head size?

To measure your head size, get a tape measure or string. Place the tape at the back of your head and run it horizontally around the thickest part of your head to just above your eyebrows. Now pull the measuring tape off over your head et voiĆ : the head circumference only has to be read off. If you use a string to measure, pull it off over your head and measure its length with a folding rule. You can now use the table above to determine your size in inches.

Correctly adjust the shape of a cap

If you have treated yourself to a new cap, you can still adapt it individually to your head shape and your aesthetic preferences. In America this is called break-in. This also includes the classic, the bending of the canopy.

There are various options for the baseball player, who bends his umbrella around a baseball and fixes it with a rubber band, to the possibility of leaving the umbrella bent in a cup overnight. The tighter the bend, the longer the umbrella has to stay in its shape, i.e. around the ball or in the cup.

Water and heat are often used to adapt to your own head shape. For example, the cap can be placed in hot water and then worn on the head to dry. So it adapts perfectly to the shape of the head.
In this way, the cap can also be widened or tightened. Simply moisten the edge of the cap with steam and let it dry on the hot heater or blow dry it with hot water to reduce the size.

A New Era cap can be stretched over the knee for widening. Simply put the cap with the shield facing you over one knee and carefully but firmly pull on it. There should be a faint cracking sound, which comes from a tearing seam and the cap is already widened. This can also be tried with other caps, but water and pressure from the inside, either through your own head or something similarly large, will probably help better.

Inserts for targeted adaptation

If, despite efforts, the cap is still too wide, the fit can be adjusted with cork or foam inserts. As with classic hats, cork strips are used to reduce the circumference of the cap edge. Foam inserts are usually located at the top of the crown and thus reduce its volume. The cap then sits higher on the head.

In order to prevent the front panel from bulging and sinking, especially with unstructured caps, there are inserts made of cardboard and plastic to stabilize it. A so-called cap shaper is also easy to make yourself.