Why did my boyfriend stop kissing me

Ear kiss on the day of the kiss: "Kiss is beautiful"


Today, July 6th, is kiss day. Of course, the Ohrenkuss team also celebrates this. Lars Breidenbach dictates: “Oh, well, kiss. The theme is kiss! "

Verena Elisabeth Turin, long-distance correspondent from Italy, starts with a definition of the term.
She writes:

There are so many ways in which you kiss.
On the mouth, body, hands and the other I do not reveal.

But she reveals a little more:

There are intimate, friendly, wet, damp, wild, superficial, tender, amorous, wild, passionate, dear kisses. And unforgettable ones too.
There are French kisses that I like very much.
And also on the neck.

That sounds beautiful and mysterious!

And why is it all?
This is what author Björn Langenfeld explains.
He writes:

A kiss is tou [great]. Kissing is good, you feel like honey.
Kiss is wonderful.
Kiss is nice.
Kiss man and woman is love.

Maria Trojer is also in love.
This inspires her to write a poem:

The kiss
When lovers kiss
that's so romantic.
Red lips are close to kiss.
This kiss that tastes good to me.
It smells of love.
A muse has kissed.
Finally, a kiss
or even a ban on kissing.

And because we can't have enough of love, another text by Verena Elisabeth Turin - a true kiss specialist:

What I kiss are the cheeks on my face.
When I kiss my boyfriend, it's unforgettable.
I love his kisses too wild.
And he shouldn't stop kissing me.
Even if it becomes the cuddle mark.
And that's what I got.
My boyfriend's kisses mean way too much to me.

Kissing makes your colleague Martin Weser happy.
He writes:

If you have a girlfriend - I have one - and we kiss every day, that should be nice.
I am in love with her.
And when you're in love, I'm happy with my girlfriend that we're together.
And my parents are together too, they are also satisfied.
I am happy with my girlfriend that you should stay.

So it's about love.
But only between men and women? No.
Lars Breidenbach reports:

Good night kiss also gave!
My parents: "Good night, my angel." With a kiss.
"Good night my fat one."
Kiss (for) papa, said papa "wait a minute, my dear!"
(To) mom: "Nacht Mausi" and kiss, then (he) lies down.
Private (from) my parents.

Kisses can also be meaningful, as Verena Elisabth Turin reports:

The kiss can say a lot.
And also mean a lot.
The day of the kiss you can kiss a lot of people.
If you love them.
I kiss my boyfriend on the mouth and he returns it too.
And that is nice.

She can't stop kissing - and writing about it:

I can't stop kissing him.
Except when something comes up.
The kiss warms me and also strengthens me.
And also makes me very wild.
And the kiss can also be unforgettable.
It can also be remembered and also felt.

Martin Weser was able to identify another benefit of kissing:

Kissing should be healthy in any case.
Because that is the special day of the kiss.

So today's ear-kiss recommendation is: kiss!
Unforgettable, wild and full of love.