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US election: Donald Trump now also loses on Twitter

It's been four weeks since Donald Trump lost the US presidential election to Joe Biden.

So far, however, the elected US president does not want to come to terms with this. Now he is losing for the second time - on his favorite communication channel, Twitter, of all places.

An evaluation of his profile shows: Trump lost around 130,000 followers last week alone. And from January 20, Trump could face further Twitter trouble.

For years it was Donald Trump's favorite means of communication with which he let the world participate in his thoughts: the short message service Twitter. In 240 characters, Trump scolded his political opponents, declared dismissals of cabinet members, announced diplomatically sensitive initiatives such as in the Middle East or North Korea. Politically powerful messages, sent to more than 88 million followers to date.

An admission of his defeat in the US election against Joe Biden can still not be found among his tweets. Instead, repeated false claims of electoral fraud. While Trump stubbornly holds on to it, he loses again - on Twitter of all places.

Trump's loss of followers on Twitter

In the past nine days alone, Trump dropped almost 130,000 followers on Twitter, according to a Business Insider analysis of his profile. From 88,854,028 million on November 27, the number of Trump followers fell to 88,715,338 on St. Nicholas Day.

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This is not a slump, nor is it a crash - but a trend. This is also shown by the data from the “Social Blade” analysis site on Trump's Twitter account: Trump has been losing followers every day since mid-November, sometimes almost 25,000 a day. For comparison: Trump gained over 1.5 million followers in the election week from November 2nd to 8th.

The question is how many of Trump's followers actually correspond to real people. When the market research company for social media SparkToro searched Trump's just over 54 million followers for bots, spam and propaganda accounts and inactive accounts in October 2018, it turned out that 61 percent of Trump's followers at the time were fake accounts.

SparkToro has developed a tool that can be used to check how many fake accounts are following a Twitter account based on random samples of 2,000 followers selected at random. Applied to Trump's current 88 million followers, the result is: over 70 percent of them are inactive, bot or spam accounts.

Twitter deadline for Trump in January

From January 20, it will also be interesting what Trump will be allowed to tweet about these millions of fake followers (and the 30 percent real people who follow him). Because, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced after the election: Trump will lose his privileges as a “world leader”.

His account is then no longer sacrosanct. The rules that apply to all other Twitter users will then also apply to Trump. Calls for violence, insults, misinformation, for example about the corona pandemic, can then be deleted or his account can be blocked completely. No matter how many followers he still has.