Why is this girl ignoring me

She ignores me The 5 Real Reasons Behind It And 5 Techniques That Turn Them Off

She ignores me.

At the beginning everything was so nice.

We got on really well and laughed so much together.

No, we didn't just laugh.

We even flirted with each other.

And to be honest: I had hoped for much, much more.

Right from the start, she finally gave me this feeling of being special!

I felt so good with her. Until ... yes, until I finally had to find out: She ignores me and no longer contacts me.

From one day to the next, I'm like air to her. And no matter how I draw attention to myself, I just can't win them back for myself.

What should I do?

Hey man!

Being ignored by a woman can be really painful.

Before, when I was ignored by a woman, all sorts of thoughts would pop into my head.

What did I do wrong?

Am I completely written off now?

Why am I just such a loser?

How do I make her want to spend time with me again?

These questions sometimes left me awake at night and ruined my appetite.

In this article, I'll show you exactly what's going on with this woman and what you can actually do to create clarity and also have a good time.

I'll show you five reasons why this woman might be ignoring you. And I'll show you five techniques you can use to counteract it.

Lively dates that lead to passionate nights and relationships are neither difficult nor complicated. It's more a question of technology. Internalize these 7 natural dating rules and your life will be filled with exciting women, hot sex and tingling romance again.

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She's Ignoring Me - The 5 Real Reasons and 5 Techniques That Turn Them Off | Strengthen masculinity
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Table of contents of the article

Reason # 1: She's too distracted to be seduced

We all have it often in life: stress.

No matter how great she thinks you are, she might have her hands full.

Maybe she's just stressed out, at work or at university.

Perhaps she has family problems or is not entirely satisfied with herself.

Maybe her hamster is sick too, or she slept two nights.

You can go on and on with this list ...

So much can happen in her life that you have no idea and that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Maybe she's just not able to be seduced and open her heart to you right now.

Reason # 2: She has a new one

But it can also be that she has her hands full because her ex gets in touch again or she has a new one.

Of course, the idea hurts when your beloved is jumping into the box with someone else.

But the same applies here: This reason does not have to have anything to do with you. Maybe she thinks you are really great and could imagine more with you.

But as the saying goes: old love doesn't rust. And an ex-boyfriend who she wasn't over yet, who is now getting on with her again, is obviously a caliber you just can't keep up with.

It's not because you're not great enough, but because you haven't built a story with her that connects these two people so far.

If she has a new one, it might have a little more to do with you. However, you shouldn't get ready here either.

Okay, maybe the new guy was faster than you and approached her resolutely.

Maybe the two of them just go better together and you weren't meant for this woman.

Speaking from man to man: Maybe you were really clumsy and she went straight to the other guy because of it. And that's okay too.

If you had any idea how often Martin and I used to mess around with women, you'd be laughing and jumping around in circles.

Reason # 3: She's not into you

But it could also be that this woman isn't into you right from the start.

Maybe she doesn't like your nose, your hairstyle, your figure, your way of laughing, your humor or just that your birthday is in February instead of September.

Sexual attraction is sometimes a difficult to explain phenomenon that makes no sense at all.

If you're just not the type for this woman, this woman may have a nice chat with you and may also aim to be friends with you.

However, if she realizes that you want more from her and would not mind having breakfast with her in your apartment tomorrow, she may be keeping her distance.

Some women just can't handle it when a man finds them sexually attractive but they are not interested in it.

Or maybe she just doesn't want to hurt you further or give you false hopes.

Perhaps take a look at Martin's video if you have the feeling that your beloved is not reciprocating your love:

I fell in love - but she doesn't love me - what to do?
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You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Reason # 4: With this woman, all seduction is over

Of course, it could be that you just acted foolishly and simply destroyed the attraction that was there.

I used to have some women who were really into me.

Often we were even on a date.

But through my own insecurity and my simultaneous tense efforts to cover up this insecurity, I have ruined any chances.

Here, too, there can be a thousand good reasons why the attraction was there first and then ceased again later.

Perhaps all seduction is over with this woman and she is no longer interested in continuing any crooked liaison with you.

Reason # 5: is she ignoring me because she loves me?

The best reason of all.

Or maybe you didn't do anything wrong at all. Maybe no attraction is dead, and your nose fits her pretty well, too.

Perhaps this woman is just too nervous and overwhelmed herself to deal with her own attraction for you and keep her head clear.

You probably know that too: You think a woman is really great and you get terrible palpitations every time you see her.

But instead of walking up to her and starting a casual conversation with her, you'd better avoid her so as not to add to your excitement.

That can happen to this woman too and she is just too blown away from you to make any clear move in your direction.

You can see from these reasons that it is hardly possible to say offhand what it is really up to this woman.

You are not stuck in her head and you cannot analyze her thoughts.

No matter what you believe, what the reason might be: Don't mess yourself up, but always assume that everything is correct.

Even if she told you in the face that you screwed it all up and were a total loser, it just means that she personally isn't getting along with your way right now.

It says absolutely nothing about your worth as a man.

I'm just saying that it doesn't work this way with this woman and that you either need a different approach, more time or a different woman.

I will now show you five techniques that you can use to find out what is really going on with this woman.

Technique # 1: make her jealous

A great way to force a reaction from her is to make her jealous.

Flirt with the women around you.

You can even use your social media channels for this. You can z. E.g. post a picture of you with a beautiful woman on Facebook. You shouldn't make out on it and lie naked on top of each other.

It is enough if you are just together in this picture and she wonders who this woman is in your life.

Just flirt with other women around you. She often notices that quickly enough.

Thereby you give her one thing to understand: You are not a man who she can just let go and who is always circling around her.

If she cares about you, she will move in your direction and try to get in touch with you again.

Note: Making another woman extra jealous in order to get her to react is quite asshole behavior.

In general, try to build a mystery around her by flirting a lot with other women. But not to hurt anyone. But simply because you enjoy it and it belongs to you.

Technique # 2: give her some time

Maybe this woman is just a little overwhelmed at the moment.

If the hamster has diarrhea or an important sack of rice has fallen in China, it may just need a little time to recover.

Give her a few days to organize her things and bring clarity back to her life.

Of course, you don't just know what's going on in their life without asking them about it.

Often times, however, your problems can vanish into thin air if you are a little more patient and give her the time she needs.

This will be all the easier for you if you take care of your own life in the meantime and enjoy it to the full.

Technique # 3: take her out on a date

Another technique that you can use to reliably avoid the friend zone at the same time is to aggressively invite her on a date.

Just speak or write to her directly and cover up the fact that she is not showering you with attention right now.

“Hey Lea, tomorrow is great weather and I really want to go swimming. Are you coming with me?"

Then you give her the direct opportunity to respond to you and make a decision.

Maybe she's been waiting all along for you to finally have the courage to take her on a date and escape the friend zone.

From there on, you can kiss, touch, seduce and even end up having really nice sex with her.

One of my favorite methods. She is male, goal-oriented and direct.

If you need more information about this, take a look at this video:

[Q&A] - How do you ask for a date?
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You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Technique # 4: Play the little boy

Of course, you can also act like a boy or do the schoolyard differently.

You can go to her friends and just ask her what's going on with Lea and whether she even likes you.

If you are lucky, you will come across a friend who will be very frank about her friend's emotional life.

As a rule, however, you will get little helpful information here.

And to be honest, I hope you're grown up enough not to try this this way.

Technique # 5: Tell her this inner truth

Do you actually know which pick-up line works best when addressing women on the street? The most honest and direct.

“Hi, I just saw you and I think you are really nice and pretty. I would like to get to know you. Hi, I'm Sven. "

It is precisely this direct and honest manner that works extremely well in later seduction situations.

If you feel like this woman is ignoring you, then you can be honest about that too.

Just go to her and tell her:

“Hi Lea. I find you really sympathetic and would like to get to know you better.

However, I just feel a little bit that you are getting out of my way a little. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I just wanted to address that and ask if everything is okay?

And if you feel like it, we could just go for a swim tomorrow. I heard the weather was going to be great! "

BÄM! 44 killing birds with one stone.

Not only that you approached your goal efficiently and directly.

At the same time you also really proved your balls and genuinely showed your interest in the woman.

At the same time, after this jump you will also have clarity about what is really going on and whether there is still a chance with her.

Maybe the woman before had almost written you off. But with this clear statement alone, you suddenly opened her lap again and she became curious about this male guy.

And if she says now: "You are right, I ignored you and it just won't work between us", then you at least have maximum clarity and a reference experience for your courageous self.

And so that you get the best out of all your conversations with women in the future and never ignore a woman again, there is now the bonus technique that puts all other men in the shade.

The bonus technique so that no woman ignores you anymore

The best technique of all is to develop consistently and masculine in your life.

The best technique is to never let it get to the point where a woman ever ignores you.

And the best way to do that is by developing yourself into a strong, confident, and charming man.

About the author:

My name is Sven and I am a male coach. When Martin & I founded Strengthening Masculinity in 2013, we had no idea what kind of revolution we would trigger in the German-speaking world of men.

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