What kind of language is HTML


HTML is a "language" for computers and is the abbreviation of the English term "Hypertext Markup Language". Translated one could say: "Markup language for hypertext". HTML is the basis for all pages on the Internet and has existed since 1992.

A hypertext is a text that is linked to other texts. You do that with a link, a shortcut. When the visitor to an Internet page clicks on a link, he comes to the other page.

Markup language is a way of telling the computer what a text should look like. For example, if you want a word to be written in bold, with bold letters, you specify it in the markup language. Special commands and symbols are used for this. It looks something like this: "This is only an example." The word "only" then appears in bold, i.e. with bold letters.

In this way, you can not only determine which text is displayed, but also in which color and in which size. You can also use HTML to determine, for example, what color the background is and where a certain image is displayed. The computer then turns the HTML text into a correct, easily legible text.

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