How do I read Harry Potter again

Harry Potter - and then ?: 7 ways out of the crisis after the last volume

At some point the time has come: You have read out the seven volumes about Harry Potter's wizarding student. An incomparable experience. But what now? In a life after Harry Potter, there can't be much more, can it? Here are seven other things you can do with your remaining lifetime as a Potter fan. Also included: Harry Potter in ancient Japan and two sequels about Harry's children.

The official sequel: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry's story is over? Not true at all. In 2016, the official sequel was released with "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". The "eighth volume" continues the story of Harry Potter and his family.

At the center is Harry's son Albus. At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we see him boarding the express to Hogwarts for the first time. You will be picked up right there in the new band. “Everything was good”, with this sentence the author dismissed us at the time. But now it turns out that everything is far from being good.

Albus suffers from his famous father, in whose shadow he stands. The mere fact that he was not elected to the Gryffindor house like his father seems like a personal failure to him. Albus turns out to be an outsider. His only real friend is - of all people - Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Harry's school enemy Draco.

By chance, the two of them get their hands on a powerful magical object: a time turner. With him they start a dangerous journey through time, because they want to save the life of a character who apparently died for no reason in the original Potter series. The result is completely different from what you expected and changes the world of wizards forever ...

But one thing has to be said: "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is not a novel, but a play. So you need a bit of imagination when reading, but don't you always need it in Harry Potter? Instead of running text, you read dialogues. But these dialogues are so strong and stirring that you quickly get the feeling that a movie is playing in your mind's eye. Especially if you enjoy the eighth Potter volume as an audio book. Blind people can do this with the loanable Daisy version, read by Günter Schoßböck, who also read all the other seven volumes. He has a different style than Rufus Beck, but he makes the characters at least as lively. Schossböck doesn't just read, he plays. And of course that is a stroke of luck for a play read aloud: almost like a one-man radio play.

The unofficial sequel: James Potter series by G. Norman Lippert

Wouldn't it be great if there was a whole series of books about the "next generation" of Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys? Of course, these books should also be written at least as thrillingly as the originals. I'll tell you a secret now: Exactly such books have been around for a long time.

Okay, actually it's not a secret. Because the series about James Potter by G. Norman Lippert has already found millions of readers worldwide. And best of all: the complete series can be downloaded for free. An exception is a shorter story, which can be bought as an ebook, e.g. from Amazon.

However, there is a small downer: the series is currently only available in English. But for these five novels - the fifth volume will be published in 2017 - it is really worth polishing up your English skills.

When the first novel "James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing" was published, many fans suspected that Joanne K. Rowling herself was the author. Lippert has hit the typical Potter tone so well. But his books are - sorry - more innovative than Rowling's novels. They are overflowing with creative ideas and clarify many questions about the wizarding world that one would not have thought of before.

Just like in the "official sequel", everything revolves around Harry's children. At Lippert, son James is the main character. So it's not about Harry's father, who was also called James. Otherwise the magical world will be expanded considerably, for example by an American magic school. Hogwarts gets a new headmaster - or let's say a very old one - a forgotten legacy of Voldemort emerges, and finally a war looms between the wizarding and muggle worlds. And that was just the first book ...

Of course, the official and the unofficial sequel clash. But if you don't mind, you will be rewarded with a magical world that is more logical and also more profound than that of Rowling.

Rowling's private investigator: Robert Galbraith and Cormoran Strike

In 2013 a certain Robert Galbraith published his first detective novel. It has long been known: The pseudonym is none other than Joanne K. Rowling. In her novel "The Call of the Cuckoo", the criminals are not hunted by shadowy dementors, but by a solid London private investigator named Cormoran Strike.

Rowling has already proven with Harry Potter that her strength lies in creating weird characters. She has not lost this talent as Robert Galbraith either. The gigantic Cormoran Strike has just come from Afghanistan - with an amputated leg and a severe war trauma. Incidentally, his unusual first name has nothing to do with the bird of the same name. And even a cuckoo call cannot be heard at first. Instead, a dark-skinned top model falls from the balcony, whose stepbrother does not believe in the official version of the suicide and instructs Cormoran Strike to find out the truth.

"The call of the cuckoo" and its two sequels "the silk spinner" and "the harvest of evil" are solid crime fiction. Rowling's typical humor is palpable. But she is not an Agatha Christie. If you still want to let yourself be carried away by her into the rather unmagical world of crime, I recommend the unabridged audiobooks that are available from Audible, for example. Dietmar Wunder's thriller reading voice enhances the novels again properly.

Harry's heirs: Artemis Fowl and Prince Pyrgus

Even while Rowling was writing her Potter series, the first competing products appeared. Young adult novels about children gifted by magic and mythical creatures, actually clearly from the field of fantasy, but which just couldn't look like fantasy. Most of it was gone as quickly as the thousand vampire romances after the Twilight taste aberration subsided. But a few rows remained because they had enough substance of their own.

For example, there is Artemis Fowl, the ingenious young master thief. Because his father, the head of a criminal syndicate, has mysteriously disappeared, Artemis is forced to lead the gangster empire. He does it with flying colors and Artemis even manages to open up new sources of income: Elfengold.

There really are elves. You live in an underground realm, which Artemis Fowl is committed to plundering. As everyone knows, elves hoard other valuable secrets besides vast amounts of gold. What Artemis does not know, however, is that time has not stood still in the subterranean Elfenland. The elves are now highly technical and even have their own secret service. Artemis Fowl promptly rattles together with the elven top secret agent Holly Short.

From this, author Eoin Colfer develops an insane mixture of action, thriller and fantasy. The Artemis Fowl series comprises eight volumes. They were also read in as audio books, even with Rufus Beck, but unfortunately severely shortened. For the blind there are all eight parts to borrow as a daisy audio book. A charming mix of Harry Potter and James Bond!

If you prefer it in the style of classic youth adventures, you should take a look at "The Elf Portal" and the subsequent volumes by Herbie Brennan. "Herbie, if you don't make a series out of this, I'll sue you!" Artemis Fowl writer Eoin Colfer is said to have said after reading the first novel.

It's not easy for Henry. His parents' marriage falls apart because his mother is having an affair - with a woman! And then the elf Pyrgus appears. Not just any elf, Pyrgus is the son of the elven emperor. In the kingdom of the elves he was hunted by the powers of darkness and his only option was to flee into our world. But something went wrong during the transport and Pyrgus is now only the size of a butterfly. Will Pyrgus, Henry and the eccentric Mr. Fogerty manage to save the fairy kingdom?

Brennan's fairy saga is five volumes. The narrative tone reminded me of Harry Potter in a pleasant way: easy-going, cheeky, sometimes brash, but always with a certain depth. The blind read the novels best as an ebook. Anyone who wants to get an impression can borrow “das Elfenportal”, the first book in the series, as a Daisy audio book.

Japanese Hogwarts: The Young Samurai Novels by Chris Bradford

But there are also books that did not become Harry Potter heirs at all and still develop a very similar pull. So it was with Chris Bradford's novels about Jack, the young samurai.

  1. The young Jack Fletcher sails from England to Japan with his father, a merchant. Back then it was still a practically unknown, almost fairytale-like country, forbidden to almost all Europeans. But the ship is attacked by ninja pirates off the coast of Japan. The entire crew is killed, including Jack's beloved father.

Jack is luckier. He survives and is taken in by a famous samurai swordmaster. Jack has only one chance to ever return to England: to become a samurai himself.

But the training at the samurai school is tough. Even if it is very reminiscent of Hogwarts. Jack, the wise boy, comes into a completely strange world. He makes friends, but also makes enemies. He learns things that still seem like magic to us today, but are nothing special for a samurai. Jack also has a secret: a portolan - a diary with his father's nautical charts, with which one could safely sail from Japan to England.

What follows are eight novels so far (a ninth is being planned) full of action and adventure. The chapters are short, and there is something going on on almost every page that you would never have expected. The whole arsenal is tapped by fanatical warlords, volcanoes, pirates and even a blind samurai. Of course, the focus is on the samurai. You learn a lot about their code of honor and also about their enemies, the ninja warriors, who rely on cunning and camouflage instead of honest combat. In this world, however, nothing is just black or white, which Bradford's books clearly have ahead of the cosmos of Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, Chris Bradford's books are not yet available as audiobooks. A suggestion from Audible has remained without result. Therefore it is best to use the ebooks for the relatively short novels.

Don't be afraid of fantasy: Christopher Paolini's Eragon

J. K. Rowling once said in an interview that she hadn't even realized that Harry Potter was a fantasy novel. Hmm, magic, elves and goblins, a second world beyond our reality ... sounds a lot like fantasy to me. So, even for those who associate fantasy with elves, dwarves and swollen swordsmen, Harry Potter has already read the most successful fantasy epic of all time. So why not see what else is there?

Many gave the Eragon books a chance after Harry Potter. A four-part classic fantasy saga about elves, dwarves and above all dragons. When they are born, they connect with a human being, their dragon rider. The evil ruler Galbatorix has meanwhile wiped out almost all dragon riders. But then a dragon egg appears in the farthest hinterland, and it falls at the feet of the farmer boy Eragon of all people.

Of course a dragon hatches out of the egg and that means a lot of adventure, fights and dangers for his rider Eragon. They comprise four thick volumes, all of which are available as audio books - unabridged and read in really gripping by Andreas Fröhlich, known as Bob Andrews from the Three Question Marks.

By the way, Eragon wrote Christopher Paolini, a young author himself when the first book was published. Unfortunately, you can see that in the story. For first time fantasy readers, they're a great introduction to the genre, but more seasoned readers won't find much new or original here.

Or how about ...: Harry Potter?

Exactly. Just read the entire Harry Potter cycle again - just differently. How, I can already hear some people shouting, I already know everything, it's boring. But it doesn't have to be. On the contrary. If you enter through another door, the world of Hogwarts appears in a completely different light.

Did you grow up with Rufus Beck's audio books? Maybe you don't even know that there is now a German audio book version of Harry Potter. Just like the books are available in a youth and an adult edition. It's just the appearance that's different here. When it comes to audio book settings, however, there are much greater differences.

The Hör-Potter for adults is read by Felix von Manteuffel. His voice will be known especially to friends of radio drama, e.g. from the cult radio drama "Hitchhiking into Space". Manteuffel reads cautiously where Rufus Beck messes around, disguises his voice and plays with dialects. His Harry Potter sounds more dignified, more subtle. Grown up and somehow also genuinely British.

Or try your hand at Harry Potter in the English original. You improve your vocabulary and you will be rewarded with an abundance of word games that are simply lost in the German translation. The easiest to understand and also the most beautifully read, in my opinion, are the British Potter audio books with Stephen Fry. If you want to read yourself, there are of course the English books and ebooks. I myself - at that time still as a schoolboy - always read Harry Potter in the original from the fourth volume onwards. Not because I was so good at English, but because I could never wait until the German translation.

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