How reliable are immigration advisors in Delhi

How can I get help understanding UK visa requirements?

In 2006 UKVI (previously UKBA, previously BIA, previously IND, etc.) tested a program to use a third party provider to interact with end users who had questions. This was a good move for two reasons:

  1. Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) are trained to make decisions and not give advice. Accordingly, they do not have the advisory skills to obtain the necessary information from the end user. Because of this, they are usually FALSE.
  2. Direct interaction leads to corruption and bribery.

The program was globalized around 2008, and now consular workers are no longer allowed to directly involve the public as a source of immigration advice. The above two problems have been largely solved. However, the end users were in an unfortunate state.

The consulates installed a telephone system that prevents the ECO and his staff from making contact. It's a complex maze (some say it borders on dementia) of menu options that leads the end-user around in circles. The end user spends approximately half an hour navigating the phone menu and eventually returning to field 1. Because of this, end users who are "veterans" of the process will be telling you that they are not even TRYing to call the consulate. People suggesting you call the UK consulate have no idea. You will just get frustrated and waste your time.

The third party operates a minute-by-minute system where you ask a question and get an answer. What happens behind the scenes, however, is that the contractor looks up the question on Google and finds the relevant text on the UKVI website and reads it to you. If you didn't understand or didn't answer your question, they will read it to you again. To be fair, they have a few scripts to read that cover some of the corner cases.

What else can you do You can look it up on google and see what the internet has on it. This works in many cases, but you really need to be sure to double-check the date of the article and the publisher's credentials. Also, be sure to sync whether the answer is for Visa Nationals or Non-Visa Nationals. Respondents tend to leave out a lot of pertinent information and if you read something like "We had no problem at all" something is usually missing or took place in a different legislative era than it is today.

Where can you authoritative Get advice? two places: by a member of the Law Society (ie a UK lawyer) or an accredited practitioner (ie a regulated advisor). In most cases, a single telephone consultation can help. The usual cost is between £ 50 and £ 125. Yes it does. However, this is the only way to absolutely authoritative Get advice on an end user's circumstances. Good advice can save you money as registration fees are non-refundable if rejected. This is the answer to the OP's question : Attorney or regulated advisor.

As with everything else, there are good and bad. It's stupid to take a recommendation from someone you don't know who uses a forum. In many cases, it is the lawyer / counselor who uses a sock puppet to promote himself. So get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. I wouldn't give one here on SO because it can be interpreted like pimping out a buddy for a commission (a lot of it goes on, too).

If you don't know anyone, you can search for a lawyer on the Law Society website or an advisor on the OISC website. Consultants are usually just as competent (sometimes more competent) as lawyers and are significantly cheaper.

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This answer seems to be largely a rant over the UK immigration telephone help system. Please edit your answer to answer the question more directly rather than using the question as a wardrobe for your displeasure.

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The OP's question was "Should I call the embassy ..."? He has the what and the why. Your wardrobe comment reflects poor judgment. In fact, there isn't enough information here to justify (or vote) your conclusions.


"This is the answer to the OP's question: lawyer or regulated advisor." Just as Gayot explains, that's exactly the answer. You can literally and easily no Asking the message (which is kind of breathtaking, unbelievable) and the infamous "outsourced phone system" (that doesn't answer questions anyway) is one of the most amazing things in the world after you say "Maoism". Gayot literally literally answered the question.