Humans deserve cats as pets

Cat lover or dog lover?

The cat is most popular as a pet among Russians. One reason for this could be the Russian penchant for superstition. Accordingly, it should be cats that guard the gate to hell. So it is better to strive for their benevolence in this world. Maybe that's why there are more cats than dogs in French households? In Germany, too, the kitty beats the bello. The Argentines, like most South American countries, are clearly more dog lovers than cat lovers.

In Turkey, both dogs and cats are more likely to live on the street than as pets in four walls. Life as a street animal is not always easy. Before the summer season starts, the strays are caught in many parts of the country and killed en masse.

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    Grumpy Cat

    Perhaps the most famous cat on the internet, which is really not poor in cats, is known for its sullen look and the numerous memes that grew out of it and spread quickly. Meanwhile, Grumpy Cat is a real star - in 2013 and 2014 she is said to have earned a total of around 100 million dollars from sales of Grumpy Cat T-shirts, books and soft toys.

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    Grinning cat

    The tiger cat, as it calls itself (in the original "Cheshire Cat"), from the Disney film "Alice in Wonderland" from 1951 can make itself invisible. She is the only one with this ability, but there are more or less normal cats at Disney: for example the "Aristocats", Simba, the "Lion King", or the tiger Shir Khan from the "Jungle Book".

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    Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, first appeared in a Batman comic in the 1940s. Whether it is good or bad varies from portrayal to portrayal. Authors and directors only agree that Catwoman is a thief who wears figure-hugging costumes - preferably with a black cat mask. In 2004, Halle Berry played Catwoman in the film of the same name.

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    Puss in Boots

    An early version of the story of the tomcat with the beautiful shoes can be found in the Grimm brothers' tales for children and houses from the 19th century. In the story, he cunningly helps his master, a poor miller's son, to marry the princess. Today "Puss in Boots" is better known to children from the "Shrek" films.

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    Mayor Stubbs

    "Mayor Stubbs" was a local celebrity and, until his death on July 21, 2017, was Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna, a historic district of about 900 people in the US state of Alaska. In 2014 he even ran for the state Senate, but did not win. Stubbs had no tail, just a stub - hence the name.

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    When the hungry cat is not eating or sleeping, he prefers to tease his master Jon or his dog Odie. In the German-language comics he is referred to as "cheeky, fat, lazy and philosophical". The first Garfield comic strip appeared on June 19, 1978; since then, Garfield has enjoyed great popularity worldwide.

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    Another internet star who, in contrast to Grumpy Cat, has become known with happy videos, is Maru, a Scottish fold cat from Japan. Millions of people have clicked on Maru's clips on YouTube, in which the cat can largely be seen trying to crawl or jump in cardboard boxes of all kinds with great enthusiasm.

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    Hello Kitty

    Cats are popular all over the world. One who benefits particularly from this is Yuko Shimizu: In 1974 she invented the character "Hello Kitty" for the Japanese company Sanrio. Today there are practically no Hello Kitty products that do not exist: soft toys, bags, children's dishes, computers and electric guitars also bear the figure's face.

    Author: Carla Bleiker