Which hotel has the best pillows

Hotel beds: a soft pillow to rest

When you go on a trip, you often only think about the time you spend in the waking state in advance. Regardless of whether it is a vacation or business trip: The average six to eight hours that we (ideally!) Spend gently slumbering in hotel beds are often neglected when planning a vacation. One mistake: only those who sleep well and enough are really fit. So don't be afraid to include the search for the perfect hotel bed in your planning for your trip!

Do you always sleep best at home?

Do you find hotel beds uncomfortable, but do you always sleep well at home? This is certainly also due to the fact that you put a lot of care and energy into the search for the perfect bed. Indeed, this can be a science in itself. The following aspects are particularly important:
  1. The mattress material: Popular materials are, for example, cold foam, innerspring or latex. The different materials have different advantages and disadvantages, for example spring mattresses are good if you sweat a lot as they wick away moisture and heat quickly. Cold foam mattresses, on the other hand, store heat and are therefore well suited for people who are easily cold.
  2. The degree of firmness of the mattress: In principle, heavier people should choose a hard mattress, while light people are better advised with a soft mattress. However, this cannot be generalized. In addition, back experts agree that mattresses that are too soft can damage the lumbar vertebrae.
  3. The right bed linen: linen, silk, flannel ... Many different fabrics are used to make bed linen. Depending on the season, different materials are recommended: linen, for example, is popular in summer, while flannel ensures a particularly cozy sleeping experience in winter.
Basically, there is no such thing as a secret recipe for the perfect bed. Mattress and bed linen are a matter of taste. To make sure that your bed in the hotel allows you to sleep comfortably, it is best to check how your own bed is made up and then ask for bed linen and mattresses in advance of your trip at the relevant hotel.

Nothing beats hotel beds for you?

Are you completely alien to restless nights on vacation? On the contrary: when you go on vacation, do you always look forward to falling into your hotel bed? Then there is good news for you: From now on you can sink into the soft pillows of a comfortable hotel bed whenever you want - with the Sofitel MyBedTM.
The Sofitel MyBedTM was developed exclusively for Sofitel. The complete set consists of a bed, a mattress pad, a down comforter and four pillows. The luxurious sleeping experience is rounded off by high-quality bed linen. Enjoy a truly royal sleep - 365 nights a year.

Trouble sleeping? This could be the reason:

It's not just a comfortable hotel bed that is essential for a good night's sleep - you too can do your part. People like to go overboard on vacation: the tempting all-you-can-at-buffet, the evening cocktails at happy hour ... As seductive as this pleasure may be, it is unfortunately counterproductive for a quiet night. Better: A light dinner and alcohol in moderation.
You can also keep unfamiliar light sources awake at night, for example LED displays in the hotel room. To be on the safe side, always pack a sleeping mask.
If all else fails and you still just toss and turn at night instead of slumbering peacefully, this is probably the so-called first night effect: Sleep researchers have found that many people often sleep worse than usual during the first night in a strange environment Reason: your basic instinct to protect you from unknown dangers in unfamiliar surroundings. One possible solution: trick your brain and take your own pillow with you on vacation.

How do you know the hotel is choosing quality bedding?

It is best to simply rely on the opinions of other hotel guests. You can search online for reviews of other customers who have also checked in at this hotel: You will often find comments about breakfast, spa, service ... but also opinions that address the hotel mattress, the bed linen used there and the quality of sleep in your room soon become. This time you really have all the cards in hand to choose the right hotel!

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