How did you cure your asthma

Bronchial asthma (inflammation of the bronchi)

Bronchial asthma is inflammation of the small airways (= bronchi). This inflammation makes the bronchi over-sensitive. If the bronchi are now additionally irritated, for example by inhaling allergens, cold air, viruses, hairspray or other things, they narrow and lead to shortness of breath, tightness in the chest or coughing in the person concerned.

Treatment of asthma without cortisone

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How can airway inflammation be treated?

According to conventional medicine, asthma is incurable. Therefore, the doctor permanently treats with cortisone spray to suppress the inflammation of the bronchi - without asking about their underlying causes. In contrast, holistic medicine assumes that there is no inflammation in the body without a triggering cause. Treatment by pulmonologist Dr. Teutemacher in Wuppertal therefore consists of finding out the causes of the inflammation and eliminating them so that the inflammation can heal by itself and cortisone is no longer necessary.

What causes inflammation in asthma?

Every (!) Damage to the body leads to inflammation, i.e. an activation of our immune system, which has the purpose of eliminating the stimulus and repairing the damage, e.g. B. sunburn, a wasp sting or a cut. If there is chronic inflammation in the body, as in asthma, rheumatism or other chronic inflammations, this can only have 2 different causes: either the trigger of the inflammation is permanent and cannot be eliminated or the immune system itself is so weakened that it is unable to is to completely overcome the cause of inflammation.

There are many reasons for a weakening of the immune system, including a lack of "warfare agents" (eg zinc, selenium, vitamins D, C and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium etc.), exposure to heavy metals or due to Pathogens that lodge permanently in the body such as B. herpes viruses or fungi. Since the immune system is known to have its headquarters in the intestine and thus any disturbance of the intestinal health disrupts the immune system, this organ is clearly of the greatest importance.

Why is the immune system in the gut?

The surface of the intestine is huge (400 m2) and so open that kilos of nutrients and fluids can be absorbed into the blood from the inside of the intestine every day. At the same time, this intestinal mucosa has to be so dense that none of the 100 trillion bacteria that live in the intestine can get into the blood and harm us.

Because we are nowhere so open and so threatened as in the intestines on such a large target area, the body has put about 80% (!) Of its army / immune system behind this front. In addition, the intestine serves as a training camp for the immune system of the whole body, so that any disturbance of the intestinal flora or the intestinal mucosa can lead to wrong decisions of the immune system in the whole body!

The importance of the bowel becomes clearer when you look at the 400 m2 Introducing the intestinal surface as the outer boundary of a protective system. There are hostile substances outside the border. The real limit is the intestinal lining. On the outside, however, it is densely populated by the healthy intestinal flora, which prevents dangerous substances or aggressive bacteria from entering the body and causing damage. If a villain gets through the border systems from the inside of the intestine, our immune system has to fight against it inside the body with the help of the inflammation. Not only asthma, but also autoimmune diseases are the result of a leak in the outer border of the intestine.

How can you examine the intestines more closely?

A simple stool sample is provided by Dr. Teutemacher provides valuable information about the condition, i.e. the health of your intestinal flora and thus the immune system.

  • Is there a putrefaction or fermentation flora?
  • Is the intestinal mucosa inflamed or even leaking?
  • Is the intestinal immune system weakened or overactive?

Cure the immune system / asthma through intestinal rehabilitation?

Based on the evaluations of the stool sample, we can very often identify disorders of your immune system and thus the cause of bronchial asthma in our practice in Wuppertal. On the basis of the results, we will work out a corresponding intestinal rehabilitation together and carry it out for you. Part of the treatment is always a special "anti-inflammatory diet" and an optimization of the nutrients. The goal here is always the recovery of your immune system.

Are the connections between the intestines and asthma very new or known for a long time?

The treatment of disorders of the immune system and many other diseases by treating the intestine is as old as medicine itself. Even Hippocrates taught (450 BC): "Every disease begins in the intestine." Unfortunately, conventional medical considerations and their suppression have symptoms with medication pushed this valuable knowledge into the background.

We would be happy to advise you on a causal treatment for your asthma by normalizing the intestinal flora, changing your diet, supplemented by optimizing your micronutrients.