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Germany wants to invest heavily in 6G

The German federal government wants to support the next generation of mobile communications networks with several hundred million euros. “6G will be the mobile data technology of the future and will revolutionize our communication in the next decade,” Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) told Handelsblatt (Monday).

“We have to think about the day after tomorrow now and help shape new key technologies and standards in communication technologies from the start,” said Karliczek. According to this, the 6G network is to be funded with around 700 million euros until 2025. It will then replace the 5G network from 2030.

According to the newspaper, data would be transmitted more than 100 times faster with 6G than with 5G - “with great advantages for mobile communication for every single person, but also for our industry and agriculture,” Karliczek told the “Handelsblatt”. This opens up new possibilities for collaboration over a distance, not only in everyday office life, but also in production. In medicine, remote treatment is then much easier.

The high investments are necessary to strengthen the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe in the long term, it said. The EU also launched a major 6G initiative in January under the title “Hexa-X” and is making 900 million euros available for it.

From: APA / dpa-AFX