How biased media are bad for democracy

On "A compulsory contribution for everyone is no longer appropriate" (guest contribution by Frank Schäffler):

Mr. Schäffler wants to release the public service media "into freedom and competition" and above all blames them on the fees they collect and the expenses they finance. In addition, the note that more and more alternative media are being used anyway. The question arises, what does a democracy need for media? Is it enough to offer as much shallow entertainment as possible, as we have been able to enjoy since the release for private broadcasting so praised by Mr. Schäffler?

I think our public law system is better, especially with regard to independent democratic-political decision-making, yes it should actually be expanded, even more independent of advertising income. Actually, all media, including the press, should be financed through such a system, without direct influence from politicians and financiers. The higher costs should be worth it to the citizens. How else should a democracy work if the citizens cannot get an objective picture from well-trained, diverse, critical and financially independent journalists?

Sepp Genghammer


That was the plan: the radio license fee should be increased quietly and secretly. Left, green, red and black have come to an agreement. Then comes the but: Part of the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt did not want to participate. Fatally, there is also the fact that the AfD takes the same opinion in this state. That must not be! One should be happy that the only opposition party in Germany prevented such a backroom decision from being made again. Wouldn't it be possible to get by with the resources available? Do many millions, for example, have to be spent on broadcasting Bundesliga soccer games and does the contributor have to help finance the indecent salaries of professional soccer players? Can the salaries of broadcast directors of around 400,000 euros a year be justified? By the way: the chancellor's salary is around 25,000 euros per month. The list of questionable issues could go on and on.

According to their own self-image, the broadcasters legitimize themselves through independent and fact-based reporting. Unfortunately, one has to realize that reports are often very one-sided and biased. During the Corona period, the impression was and is constantly being created that terrible conditions are to be lamented in the USA. In Belgium the number of cases was almost twice as high - that was hardly communicated.

Gerhard Mania