Does masturbation affect my periods?

Period masturbation is good for you!

by Julia Ballerst├Ądt
Sex and masturbation during menstruation are taboo for many women. There is no reason to do without it during this time, but many who speak for it!

Every woman feels different when she has her days. One month we are irritable, tired and tearful, the next full of energy and have a great desire for sex. The fact that many women do without sex during their period - even if they actually don't have to - does not mean, however, that we cannot and should not lend a hand ourselves. Masturbation has a lot of benefits.

1. Fight the cramp - masturbating is good!

Many women experience painful and uncomfortable cramps in the abdomen and labia area during their period. An orgasm can do this relieve nasty symptoms, because he acts like a natural pain reliever. By the way, it also helps against headaches. Also:

  • we sleep better
  • Stress symptoms are reduced
  • sex conjures up beautiful skin
  • relaxes us and
  • the endorphin rush just makes you happy.

2. If you don't make it yourself, you will miss the best orgasms!

Correct! Some women have theirs most intense orgasms while they menstruate. It is not entirely clear why this is so. Scientists suspect the reason in the hormonal changes. Because during your period you are Estrogen and progesterone levels lower than usual, testosterone however a little higher. Plus: ours The vagina is particularly sensitive during this time. You shouldn't miss that, should you?

3. Masturbation During Your Period: Isn't That Disgusting?

We women have been persuaded for a very, very, very long time that Menstruation is unclean and gross. It was only discussed behind closed doors, if at all. Is of course total bullshit! But if you're worried that period masturbation will be more of a mess than particularly pleasurable, we have a few tips ready.

  1. A towel protects your bedding
  2. You can use hands and sextoys to wash
  3. Use a tampon or a cup and then just use it stimulate externally
  4. Under the Shower or bath you don't have to worry about cleanliness.

Conclusion: Against cramps, pain and bad mood, masturbation works at least as well as three bars of chocolate and a bottle of wine.