Which country has the highest and lowest point

The city of Pirna recently published the statistical yearbook for 2019. As usual, this includes a large number of figures, for example on births and deaths, population development, investments, the number of registered cars or the daycare and school places offered.

The statistics also contain geographical information, including the total area of ​​the city and the lowest and highest points.

It can be seen from this that the highest point is 357 meters above normal in the north of the city on the foothills of the Kolkenberg.

Notes in old maps

But since the news about it became public, many have asked: where exactly is this point? Because many people are not familiar with the name Kolkenberg.

According to the city, this elevation is located southwest of the Dresden district of Zaschendorf and north of the Pirna district of Graupa. The name "Kolkenberg" can be found in old maps, for example on a map around the Dresden district of Pillnitz from 1882.

According to the town hall, the name "Kolkenberg" is obviously hardly used today. These are the foothills of the Elbe slope, in the immediate vicinity of which the Borsberg is enthroned. In terms of natural space, one speaks today of the "Triebenberg-Borsberg-Ridge".

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