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Paris Jackson: Was your childhood happiness just a game?

Happy or just played well?

On Wednesday, Paris Jackson (15) was injured with a meat cleaver after a family quarrel and swallowed an overdose of the pain reliever Motrin. Jacko's daughter tried to take her own life - but she plays the strongest in photos.

On the basis of her Twitter posts, Michael Jackson's († 50) daughter gave an insight into her emotional life: lovesickness, school bullying, family quarrels - the tweets of the last few weeks seem depressed. She wrote that she would eat herself like an octopus under stress and called Kurt Cobain, who began suicide in 1994 at the age of 27, as "Jesus" ... a questionable religion.

But Paris did not show in photos what it looked like inside: She presented herself to the public as strong, independent and happy ... a contrast to her other Twitter messages.

Recently, she has been tweeting a lot of pictures of her mother's ranch, Debbie Rowe (54), with whom she has only been in closer contact this year. With the farm animals, she seems to be able to find refuge and let go ... Paris seems happy and even shares a cuddling video with her dog and shows her favorite chicken to her Twitter followers!

But the princess life, perfect from the outside, seems to be a golden cage. The teenager could never really come to terms with the early death of her famous father - the Jackson trial never came to rest. First there was a lawsuit against Michael Jackson's doctor, now the family is suing Michael’s concert agency AEG. Rumors circulate that Jackson is not supposed to be Paris' birth father.

Pictures from two weeks ago show the young Paris with lots of small scars on her forearm, and she makes cool signs in the camera. But everything indicates that it has been looking gloomy in the Jacko daughter for a long time and that she is hurting herself.

From the ivory tower to the public

Since the death of the King of Pop four years ago, Paris has been in contact with the world via social networks, almost every day she tweets herself or is at a public event.

Jackson always wanted to protect his children from the world, disguised them with masks. It must have been a blatant change to suddenly be exposed in public without protection.

It was only four years ago at the funeral service for her father that pretty Paris and her siblings Prince Michael (16) and Blanket (10) first really appeared in the world - since then, the girl with the ice-blue eyes has developed into an it girl.

Paris shone on the red carpets, was a guest at Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres - everyone asked her about her father. Still she beamed. At the end of February she rebelled outwardly: The long hair came off, a crazy fringe hairstyle followed. During cheerleading, she posed cheekily, not seeing any worries.

However, that is probably the dangerous thing: you only get to see what you should see: lightness. How it looks inside remains in the dark. One can assume that Paris' life without cameras will be very different.

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