What is firearms reciprocity

General Gun Law Ordinance (AWaffV)

Part 1 Proof of expertise§ 1Scope of expertise§ 2exam§ 3Other proof of expertiseSection 2 Proof of personal suitability§ 4Assessment of personal suitabilitySection 3 Shooting regulations; Exclusion of firearms; Advisory Board§ 5Shooting Regulations§ 6Firearms excluded from shooting§ 7Inadmissible target practice in shooting sports§ 8Advisory board for shooting sports issuesSection 4 Use of shooting ranges§ 9Permitted target practice on shooting ranges§ 10Supervisors; Care of the shooting by children and adolescents§ 11At sight§ 12(dropped out)Section 5 Storage of weapons and ammunition§ 13Storage of weapons or ammunition§ 14Storage of weapons or ammunition in shooting houses, shooting ranges or in the commercial sectorSection 6 Arms Trade Regulations Subsection 1  Expertise§ 15Scope of expertise§ 16exam Subsection 2  Replacement documentation§ 17Principles for keeping the replacement documentation§ 17aSubmission and storage of the replacement documentation§ 18Keeping the replacement documentation in bound form§ 19Management of the replacement documentation in card form§ 20Keeping the replacement documentation in electronic form Subsection 3  Marking of weapons§ 21Marking of firearmsSection 7 Training in defense with firearms§ 22Courses and target practice§ 23Admission to the course§ 24Directories§ 25Prohibition of courses or parts of courses; Dismissal of supervisors or trainersSection 7a Disabled Firearms Provisions§ 25aSpecial provisions regarding the handling of unusable firearms§ 25bDestruction of unusable firearms§ 25cAcquisition and possession of unusable firearms that do not meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2015/2403Section 8 Regulations relating to the European Union and third countries Subsection 1  Application of the law to citizens of the European Union§ 26General provisions§ 27Special provisions on specialist knowledge Subsection 2  Acquisition of weapons and ammunition in other Member States; Spend and take away§ 28Permits to purchase weapons and ammunition in another Member State§ 29Permits to move weapons and ammunition§ 30Permits to bring weapons and ammunition to, through or from Germany§ 31Show§ 32Notices from the authorities§ 33European firearms passSection 9 Administrative offenses and final provisions§ 34Administrative offenses§ 35(dropped out)§ 36Entry into force, expiry