How do I treat burning watery eyes

Burning eyes - cause and symptoms

When their eyes burn, many find it an uncomfortable pulling or stinging sensation. Read below which accompanying symptoms often occur and what the most common causes are.


Burning eyes

  • reddened eyes
  • an itch on the edges of the eyelids,
  • increased mucus formation and
  • a foreign body sensation in the eye.

Possible causes of burning eyes

Burning eyes can be a result ofdry eyes be: The natural tear fluid does not sufficiently moisturize the conjunctiva and cornea. The causes can be that too little tear fluid is produced or that the qualitative composition of the tear fluid is inadequate. This makes the eyes dry, reddened, tired and burning.

The reasons can be very different: Often only an overstrain of the eyes is the trigger for the burning sensation. But if your eyes burn, this can also be an indication of an illness or an allergy.

Burning eyes from fatigue - overuse of the eyes

Long reading and computer work damage our eyes, as we put a lot of strain on them when we concentrate on reading and working in front of the computer. In addition, the eyes are often not sufficiently moistened because they forget to blink.

Dry eyes as a cause of stinging eyes

If the natural tear fluid does not sufficiently moisturize the conjunctiva and cornea, the eyes become dry, red, tired and stinging. Environmental influences such as dry air, tobacco smoke or drafts also increase the dryness of the eyes. However, sometimes watery eyes also occur: to compensate for the dryness, the eyes sometimes produce even more tear fluid and as a result they start to water.

If dry eyes are the cause of the stinging eyes, a tear substitute in the form of eye drops can help. It soothes irritated eyes and stabilizes the natural tear film. The eye is moisturized and protected. Have proven such. B. eye drops with the moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol.

Burning eyes from allergies

Often, allergies are the trigger for the annoying eye stinging. Anyone who suffers from itchy and burning eyes in spring and early summer should do an appropriate allergy test. In addition to pollen, animal hair, house dust or food can also be behind an allergic reaction. A visit and a corresponding test at the doctor can provide information about the type of allergy.

Conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation - Burning eyes from inflammation

In rare cases, the eyes may burn Inflammation of the conjunctiva to announce. If the inflammation is caused by bacteria, it usually needs to be treated with antibiotics. Inflammation of the cornea can also lead to burning eyes.

Burning eyes from taking medication

Some medications have side effects that cause dry eyes by reducing the production of tear fluid. These include antihypertensive drugs, pain relievers and hormones. If you experience symptoms as a result of ingestion, the doctor may prescribe a substitute preparation - feel free to ask specifically.

Burning eyes associated with illness

Eye wetting disorders with burning eyes can also occur as an accompanying symptom as a result of diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism or a thyroid disease.