Is the German driver's license valid in the UAE

Information on the recognition of foreign driving licenses from non-EU / EEA countries

In order to be able to continue driving vehicles in Germany after the expiry of the driving license with the foreign driving license, you need the German driving license.
To get this you must have one Application for a transfer of the foreign driving license put.
There is no deadline within which this application must be submitted.
The only thing to note is that the foreign driver's license must be available in the original when applying and still be valid.

The documents that have to be submitted with the application and whether you have to take driving tests depend on the country in which your driving license was issued:

  • "Countries in Annex 11"
    With some countries, including Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Australia and many American states, Germany has concluded an agreement on the mutual simplified transfer of driver's licenses.
    For driving licenses from these countries, fewer application documents and usually no tests are required.
    You can find the list of these countries here.
  • other countries - "third countries"
    If your driving license was not issued in an EU / EEA country and not in a country listed in Appendix 11, you will have to have theoretical and practical exams for all classes that you want to rewrite.
    First of all, you have to apply for the transfer and submit all the necessary documents.
    Once your application has been processed, you will be asked to take the exams in writing.
    You need a driving school for the practical test.

Information on which documents are required for the application and where you can submit the application can be found here.

Once the application has been processed and you have passed any necessary exams, the German driving license will be given to you by the driving license authority.

For all transfers, the foreign driver's license is withdrawn when the German driver's license is issued and sent back to the country of issue or kept.
In individual cases, the foreign driver's license may not be confiscated if a written justification is provided as to why the foreign driver's license is still required.
The German driving license is basically also valid abroad.