Is PSY better than the Beatles

Why does Alk music get even better?

20.11.2002 - 19:52

Sitting here at the empty Pulle Timewarp and listening to Beatles One (otherwise not the best of the Beatles) and think it's even better / somehow different than usual.
So why does the music become even more intense with alcohol (explanation can be biological).

20.11.2002 - 20:50

Born in the USA is currently on - and I think it's good - Proof: Alcohol improves every song !!

20.11.2002 - 20:53

I can only say: Cream, the Doors, Velvet Underground etc. sound more intense because they were made for and for Alk * g *

20.11.2002 - 20:59

Oh ..... Olli thinks Cream is Eric Clapton's band - is that correct? - his mother has the best of! -What do your mothers hear? - for everyone who wants to know more

20.11.2002 - 21:20

Alk confuses the mind, you never notice if the song sucks ...

20.11.2002 - 21:30

Erik Clapton was only 20 at the time, and it wasn't "his" band either, he was "just" the bass player.
I would be happy if my mother would hear that, she hears the old Bee Gees!
Strikingly true, then I prefer to listen to Britney Spears (you can fall that deep ...)

20.11.2002 - 22:04

@Cain: Bass player was Jack Bruce. Clapton clapped and Ginger Baker sat on the drum stool.

20.11.2002 - 23:03

listen to the same thing totally wide trance just awesome,
you can hear the music in waves like this

why that is (alk / dope) - n / a - but it's nice

20.11.2002 - 23:04

So -11 p.m. sober again. Disappointing evening living in the student village and somehow too many students celebrate when they stand with a beer at the bar in the student bar and discuss some kind of PC nonsense.
Well, now I hear the new Coldplay again - oh yes, it doesn't matter ......... With that I close this thread. Sing a sad song in a lonely place ....

21.11.2002 - 08:31

I'll try an explanation:

in the sober person, the sensory perception is "filtered", the brain does not process all the impressions it receives. alcohol and other drugs override these filters and one receives sensory impressions unfiltered. is a simple biochemical process, the receptors in the synapses are blocked or activated by alcohol or thc or cocaine or whatever, messenger substances are processed / absorbed better or worse ...
drug-induced "expansion of consciousness" is nothing more than a chemical imbalance in the brain ...
sounds boring right? and still listening to a wide range of music is a lot of fun; )

21.11.2002 - 11:25

But hello ....

21.11.2002 - 13:10

For me it was more like that I * g * nee the details of the songs in the Heroinflash, that is to say when I had drunk a bit, didn't really notice it anymore and everything was a melodious carpet of sound. So limited perception led to constant music enjoyment for me, although listening soberly is a little more fun.

campino, kurt, steven tyler ...

21.11.2002 - 14:12

you asked the wrong ...


21.11.2002 - 14:51

Skeleton is right about the soundscape - the sound is completely different and the individual tone itself is somehow better.

21.11.2002 - 15:16

"Play it loud and get pissed."

This is the motto of a record by the Norwegian (or is the Finnish punk'n'roll band "Glucifer". I have always taken this motto to heart.

Your special.

21.11.2002 - 15:26

This is simply called "booze" and it is well known that it doesn't only work with music.

21.11.2002 - 15:27

Man, I'm a spelling pig.

21.11.2002 - 15:29

* grin * ... drinking is good

22.11.2002 - 21:22

Sitting here upright, half pulle time warp inside me, hear "what just ruined you?" from the stars and think it's even better than usual ...... Now Badly drawn Boy is running and I think it's really good - the proof: Alcohol really makes everything ......
Alcohol & Music Forever !!!

03.12.2002 - 14:35

find the subject not really free of errors. it should read: why does alk GOOD music get even better? there are some songs that make me feel sick, especially with alk. when you listen to songs like makarena (no matter how you write it), or the bad touch, wolfgang petry or something like that, it's awesome. even if i'm not really a fan of it ...

03.12.2002 - 16:23

then take a look in a beer tent ..

03.12.2002 - 16:29

* rumgröhl * When drunk, all women are beautiful, all women are beautiful, all women are beautiful !!!

the subject can be expanded as required; )

03.12.2002 - 16:35

aha, you never stop learning ...

03.12.2002 - 18:54

Natalie is right of course !! Good songs get better and bad songs get worse.
By the way, it's really bad to be drunk in Dortmund. Either you stay at home and listen to good music or you stand around in some bar / disse and get annoyed about the many stupid people who listen to a lot of stupid music.

05.12.2002 - 14:30

.... like yesterday at the musicians' party in the Ph building in Dortmund

05.12.2002 - 21:56

@Alex, lives in stuttgart. 2 times a year 2nd largest folk festival in the world. guess where I stay for a total of 1 month a year ...

@michael ... not only for music. hm, yes, you will be right, everyone has already made their experiences, like ...;)

24.04.2010 - 22:06

I also think that alcohol can add a lot to a good song. This slightly uncritical attitude leaves a much more pleasant impression.

24.04.2010 - 23:28

funny ... just read the thread title. I didn't even know that I had opened the thread - 8 years ago (!!). Had to laugh heartily! no no, what moved you back then ...

26.04.2010 - 22:19

So when I listened to Joanna Newsom to sleep after a night of partying, I had the feeling she was on speed. I think quick punk rock is always best for drinking.

28.04.2010 - 22:24

With Alk it always depends a lot on the intoxication phase in which one is currently, whether it gets something better or rather pretty crappy. ^^ I am flashing "End Of The World". The alk gives the song even more depth than it already has and thus becomes something very loving, but still subliminally mercilessly devastating.

28.04.2010 - 22:32

Well, the end of the world. When the time comes, it won't be nice. :-(

28.04.2010 - 22:47

Some music, which is inherently characterized by a certain urge for great carefree freedom, we take the classic Oasis, Supergrass or especially the early Ash, actually works wonderfully after one or two beers, as I am just now able to find out again. :)

29.04.2010 - 01:03

I personally think sober psy trance is awesome
so songs like e.g.

filteria - rotate to vibrate

but on dxm, the complete hippiefeling range comes to me when I e.g.

aphex twin - xtal hear
and everything sounds livelier on alk
but still not as beautiful as on dex

01.05.2010 - 02:03

Well, I've just had a deciliter of ouzo and I'm listening to the MFSB album of the same name, and I can't say that this makes this music better than it undoubtedly sounds. However, it fits even better into my currently rather casual mood. In this sense: cheers and chiiiiiiiiiill!

01.05.2010 - 08:07

this is simply because everything suddenly gets better with alcohol;)

01.06.2019 - 13:22

The forum can only be endured with alcohol.

01.06.2019 - 15:58

Bottom up! * Belch *

02.06.2019 - 07:58

Some music is like some women: you have to drink it up.

02.06.2019 - 08:17

And with the Newsom Harp Trulla, both apply.

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