Which size dining table can accommodate 6

Which table size is the right one?

With our dining tables you determine the height, length and width. But which dimensions are most suitable? How do you decide which dimensions are right for your own needs? In order to be able to answer the question about the correct table dimensions, other questions would first have to be clarified:

  • How big is the room or the space for the table?
    Give your new dining table enough "space" in the room.
  • How many people will usually use the table at the same time?
    So how many people should there be at least? With that you determined the Minimum size Your dining table, so that the regular number of people can be seated.
  • Which seating furniture is used?
    Chairs with flared legs or expansive upholstered chairs with armrests naturally require more space than chairs with straight legs.
Our recommendations to help you find the right table size for your needs:

The right table length

When determining the correct table length, you should start with the number of people who use the dining table on a daily basis. However, if you have a large room available in which a larger table model can be easily integrated, you can of course measure the length generously.

Usually one calculates 50 cm to 70 cm per person or per place setting - depending on how tightly or comfortably you want to sit. It should be noted, however, that the table width also has an influence on the appropriate table length. If you opt for a particularly wide dining table, for example, people can be comfortably seated on both ends. If, on the other hand, it is a narrow dining table, the front sides can no longer be occupied (or there would be less space on the long side if a person were to sit on the front side).
The width that should be taken into account per person also depends on the seating furniture that is used. An upholstered armchair requires more space than a classic chair with straight legs.

And the table model also influences the recommended table length. If it is a classic dining table with 4 table legs, only the table length between the studs can be taken into account when placing the people.
With a pedestal table, on the other hand, there are no table legs in the way and you can count on the full length of the table top. We are only talking about a few centimeters here, but these can also influence the seating comfort at the table.

The right table width

When it comes to the right dining table width, as a rule 40 cm per place setting included and preferably a 10 cm to 20 cm wide strip in the middle of the dining table as Space for bowls, bowls or decorations.
The more floor space you include, the more comfortably food can be placed on the table. This applies from a width of 90 cm (40 cm + 40 cm + 10 cm). In addition, with a wider dining table, there is more the possibility of placing one or two people at the front of the table when the long sides are already fully occupied. When it comes to table width, keep in mind that the wider the table, the further away you are from the person opposite you. This could be a bit inconvenient in some situations, e.g. at a game night - especially if smaller children are participating, who should be able to reach the playing field in the middle of the table.

The right table height

Which table height is right for you depends on the one hand on the seating furniture that is used - especially if you already have chairs and are looking for a matching dining table. On the other hand, your body size is of course relevant when determining the appropriate table height. The Standard dining table height is around 75/76 cm. This fits best for people of average height (about 1.65 m to 1.85 m), but is also comfortable for (slightly) taller or shorter people. However, if you and the other people in your household are significantly smaller or taller than average, then it makes sense to adjust the table size accordingly.

Here are some guidelines for calculating the appropriate table height:

  • There should be approx. 27 cm to 32 cm between the top edge of the table top and the seat.
  • The seat height of chairs is usually between 45 cm and 48 cm
So if you already have chairs and are now looking for the right dining table, just sit on one of your chairs and measure how high the seat height is and what distance between the seat height and the top edge of the table is the right one for you. Please note that with armchairs, the armrests may also have to fit under the table. In such a case, a dining table without frames is sometimes more advisable.

The right table size for round dining tables

The following formula can be used to determine the correct table size - i.e. the diameter - for a round dining table:

Diameter in cm x Pi รท 60 cm = number of possible seats at the table

The following applies:
  • Pi = 3.14
  • 60 cm = average space required by one person at the dining table
As you can see on the graphic, the space at the round dining table becomes narrower towards the middle. For this reason one should not place the individual people too close together.
As far as the table height of a round dining table is concerned, the same rules apply here as for rectangular dining tables (see above).
Are you still undecided which table size is right for you? Then give us a call (0521- 163 914 80) or write us a message. We are happy to help you find the right table for every occasion!

And for everyone who likes to be flexible: How about an extendable table. Different pull-out systems are used with COMNATA dining tables, with the help of which the dining tables can be enlarged quickly and easily.