Protect you with an amethyst

5 crystals to protect against negative energies

In this time of limitation, negative waves can sometimes be felt. Citrine, Tourmaline or Amethyst ... Overview of the Crystals You Can Bet on to Use Their Soothing Properties and Learn Crystal Healing.

What if we used the restriction to focus on the power of the crystals and the calming and protective properties with which they are charged? You choose your stone according to your wish or need of the moment or according to your intuition and accept it like a protective Gri-Gri. A quick guide that loud L'Usine Bruxelles , our favorite sports hall, can be used to select the right crystals loaded with magnetic forces and to enjoy natural things.

This stone is very well known as the stone of protection par excellence against what is called the evil eye. For example, we can place it above his door to prevent any waves from entering. True shielding that it is against the negative waves or the external aggressions, it has a so-called mirror effect because it returns the bad waves to its transmitter.

This stone has many “superpowers”, but we especially like it to protect our house from radio waves: What is free of antennas, telephone waves, static electricity ... As a bonus, it also protects you from negative influences from others. There is no need to purify it as it does not absorb negative energies but repels them. Also, it is better to take a large stone as it is not uncommon for it to break due to the energy attacks it is subjected to.

It's pale yellow, gray in color, and gets its name from its lemon-shaped lines. It will free you from your negative or passive attitudes by bringing you optimism and motivating you. It is therefore a very good stone for student exams during exam periods! You can also place it indoors in a through axis as it spreads a positive and invigorating energy. It protects you from curses and negative waves by absorbing negative energies to regenerate them.

It was discovered in the Amazon, hence its exotic name. It is recommended to fight against electromagnetic waves such as those emitted by phones. This stone calms your nervous system and helps you to drive away all fears. It is the stone par excellence to awaken the joy of life. For example, it is recommended to people who may see the world negatively and see people in a state of depression. It helps to live better in the present moment and be more spontaneous, but also to put things in perspective.

This lithotherapy stone is certainly one of the most beautiful. Its colors can vary from transparent purple to very opaque purple. Its protective power is very strong. So this is our big favorite that we finally got to put into all of the other categories of this article. We often use it in meditation or even Reiki because it purifies the aura to bring us complete harmony and inner wellbeing. It will allow people who tend to think too much to get rid of their thoughts.