What songs do you play during sex

What do you think a DJ set and sex should have in common? Mmh, think about it.

When you hang up, have you ever been afraid that you will run out your powder too early? Have you ever noticed that after a good warm-up, the rest of the time is sometimes just a breeze? Have you ever done exactly the same thing as the week before, only this time it somehow doesn't work?

I don't know how it is with you, but it sounds pretty much like sex to me. I hope, however, that nobody at home will do the warm-up for you.

Sex and a DJ set can have a lot in common © Depositphotos.com/Syda_Productions

In order for you to reach a climax, it is important:

  • good timing
  • varying the tempo
  • and a solid technique

You slowly build up a kind of suspense and only open “the big guns” at the right moment to give them the rest.

Arriving too early in your DJ set

If you play your whole arsenal of top tracks right from the start, you will eventually run out of breath and your set will run out of energy to push people. The guests leave the shop because the dance floor is half empty, you stand lost behind your mixer and don't know what to do and the boss / promoter just shakes his head.

I think there are very few situations where it makes sense for you to shoot hits right at the beginning of the evening (e.g. bars with happy hour when people are already extremely drunk or you start your set very late). In all other cases, you will only climax after you have warmed up the guests and they are practically begging for you to finally play the boards.

Otherwise you will look at the clock at 2:30 a.m. and have no idea what else to play.

Arriving late in your DJ set

At least as bad ... the problem here is that there is never a real mood on the dance floor. Yes, some people may even leave the store before you've even started playing a single hit. Often this happens when you are afraid of not having enough songs for the whole evening and therefore climaxing too early. When this happens to me, I sometimes do the following:

  • I try out a few different styles and check people's reactions each time
  • If something goes down well, I stick to the style for the time being, regardless of whether it is a hit or not

The advantage of this tactic is that I immediately relax a lot when I see that people are having fun and I'm not so tense anymore. So I come up with new ideas and tracks that I didn't even think of five minutes ago.

Right timing

OK, so there is such a thing as the best time to go full throttle. Unfortunately, it doesn't always seem to be the same time, but depends on the location, the people and the atmosphere of the club that evening. Dirt, why can't there really be a panacea for something like that?

So there is no godparent recipe, but I have at least put some kind of rule of thumb into my own right. When it slowly gets hot and humid in the shop, which should usually be the case between midnight and 1.30 a.m. (i.e. after about half to two thirds of your set), then I slowly start to accelerate . So I still have about two to three hours to play and I definitely have that many hits in my library before I run out of breath.

PS:Since not so many will be able to pull off an all-nighter, the times now only refer to your DJ set

The timing of your DJ set is extremely important, otherwise you'll run out of breath at some point © Depositphotos.com/kiriak09

As I said, that's just a rule of thumb from me and not set in stone. Logically, there is no point playing main-time tracks when the store is as good as empty, just because half of your set is over now. In such a case, I at least wait until a few people arrive who can fill the dance floor.

Don't let the mood plummet

So the next question, of course, is what do you do when you've got people on the dance floor and they're going off? I often try to vary the tempo: four or five hits and then I slow down a bit with some more emotional number. Sure, a few will leave the dance floor now, but there will also be a few new ones.

Then you accelerate again until you reach a climax again and - you guessed it - speed up again. This is how you do it all evening until just before the end of your DJ set. Then a nice cool down with a little quieter numbers so that the people who got a little closer can get a little closer now.

A nice cool down at the end of your set is just as important © Depositphotos.com/kiriak09


  • Make sure you avoid playing your floor fillers, hits and secret weapons right at the beginning or you end up running out of tracks (unless your set starts very late).
  • If you have no idea when to start accelerating, just stick to the safe zone, which is somewhere between half and 2/3 of your DJ set.
  • When in doubt, you should climax too early rather than late. The atmosphere, the dancing people and the momentum immediately give you a lot more ideas and ideas about which tracks you could play.
  • Build up your confidence by getting as many floor fillers as possible. Get 320kbps versions, tag and beatmap them correctly and set smart cue points. With this preparation you will approach the matter much more relaxed because you know that you have enough material.
  • Do not take these rules too exactly, but adapt them to the respective situation. Be flexible.

Have you ever started playing hits too early and ended up running out of tracks? Have you ever had to throw your entire set overboard because the guests were completely different than expected? What are your tricks and secrets in such situations?

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