What do favorite colors say about people

Red, green, blue? Tell me your favorite color & I'll tell you what makes you tick

Favorite colors and their meanings: Whether in the 'don't get in trouble' game, when choosing flowers or even when buying clothes: you instinctively like to choose a certain color because you simply like it best and like yourself surrounds with her. Perhaps it also has a special effect on the mood or you have used this color from childhood.

From balanced to in need of harmony to spirited: our favorite colors definitely say a lot about the character. Sometimes they also reveal something very surprising.

Favorite colors & their meanings: What they say about you:

Favorite color red

Red, that is passion, sensuality and also power! If you pick this color purposefully, then you are a very nice power woman that other people like to look up to. And not without reason, after all, you are really to be envied for your temperament and determination.

Attention: Sometimes you act a little reckless, both in love and at work. This does not happen on purpose, rather out of your temperament, but you should try to be a little more sensitive here.

Favorite color blue

Reminds of the vastness of the sky and the horizon: clear, intense blue stands for balance and harmony. And for lovers of this color, these are also two very formative effects. Are you one of them? Then you are in need of harmony, rather calm and also extremely sensitive. And that's exactly what makes you so popular.

Attention: Arguing is a pain for you, you take words and deeds very quickly to heart, so that you are sometimes very easily hurt. Here you have to learn to protect your sensitive being with a slightly thicker fur.

Favorite color yellow

This color is radiant, it puts you in a good mood and is a real pick-me-up. No wonder those who choose yellow as their favorite color are seen as open-minded, creative and humorous. This lively temperament will certainly make you the focus of attention more often, even if you are not consciously seeking this attention.

Attention: There are always envious people who cannot easily deal with this temperament. Instead of being infected by the good mood, you may be assumed to be superficial or even a pronounced need for recognition. Don't let these comments unsettle you, just smile them away.

Favorite color green

Fresh, energizing and yet calming, this is what the color green radiates. No wonder that not only nature lovers have these nuances in their hearts.

If you favor this color, you are most likely a very calm, responsible person who can be relied on in all situations. Both your partner and friends really appreciate that about you.

Attention: Since you are a very curious person despite all your loyalty, you should give this curiosity space more often and just go on a journey of discovery.

Favorite color orange

Lively, lively and warm at the same time - that is the good mood color orange. And those who bloom with exactly these nuances have obviously made this color effect their life motto!

No wonder that lovers of the color orange are very popular, after all, their hearty laughter exudes a lot of contagious joie de vivre.

Attention: Your irrepressible enthusiasm is sometimes at the expense of your body, after all you can hardly be stopped when you have made up your mind. This can be done at the expense of your health. You have to learn to enjoy comfort and tranquility as well.

Favorite color pink

You can only love bright pink or softer pink as a little girl? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! You're never too old for these nuances! And that's a good thing, after all, this favorite color represents a big heart. Not only your friends and family benefit from this property. You always show yourself to be very empathetic and helpful towards strangers.

Attention: Make sure that you are not taken advantage of if colleagues push their work on to you or friends take advantage of your good-naturedness. You have to learn to take advantage of the give and take.

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