Deceive narcissists for ignoring you

Too much is too much! Dealing with Narcissists. 30 tips for communicating with narcissists


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        Hello Petra,

        You won't make it, but it will destroy you.

        You know, your narcissist was a victim himself at some point, but now he's become a perpetrator. A perpetrator who feeds on your energy and emotions like a monster. It is best to go before you get really hurt and expect the terror to start properly. There is no place for pity here, except for yourself.

        Imagine that you are addicted and need to wean yourself…. and please talk to someone who can tell you why you “love” someone who treats you badly, manipulates, lies and humiliates you. There is a reason! And it doesn't have to be bad, you just have to know it.

        Find your self-love, then you can laugh at him. Always keep an eye on: he has no empathy, none at all.

        The fact is: You can only live with him when your soul ceases to exist, you accept incalculable attacks and allow him to use yours in every possible way. Don't get the idea at some point: then I'll become like him and get him back. Believe me, he can do better than that.

        When he is done with it, he will officially exchange you, by the way, because you have become too weak to admire and appreciate him. If things go really bad, then he has already spread everywhere that you have psychological problems and can also "prove" them. By then you no longer have your circle of acquaintances, your friends are worried about you - because you are sick. Nobody will believe you.

        But do not think that you will have peace then;)

        People can change, not narcissists. They are flawless and not treatable (in contrast to all others).

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    • Kirsten on January 19, 2021 at 5:17 pm

      3 years ago my husband and I (50) broke up after 26 years of relationship and 3 children together.
      My ex-husband has been very fair to this day with regard to maintenance payments and house sales.
      After half a year of separation, i.e. 2 1/2 years ago, I met a new man.
      This man has courted me in a way that I had never seen before. Although I wasn't ready for a new acquaintance myself and tried to fend off that, he persisted, on the contrary, he intensified his messages and calls.
      Primarily he called me via video. He, handsome, with Italian roots, charming, helpful and empathetic. Despite two attempts on my part to block my contacts, I managed to get involved with him. This is how a relationship developed between him and me, but he only allowed me to be close when nobody was around.
      He invited me to himself and events in his shop. But always kept a distance from me, so that the impression never arose that we could be together.
      I was confused, but I left it that way and withdrew.
      As a result, he went all out again to get my attention.
      This stupid game has been going on for more than 2 1/2 years.
      He is and has been praised with pats on the back in recent years, confirming what a great woman I am. His adult children never tire of telling him what a great partner I am for him. I suspect it flatters him because he never tires of telling me that a large number of men would like to have closer contact with me, or that I am very liked. But now it already bothers him, that he, the star next to me, doesn't shine like that, maybe even bothers him. I then play it down, I play down my meaning so that he is better ...
      It is during this time that from the beginning he does everything badly, criticizes me. Be it how I raise my children, that I am financially independent. That I have it way too good.
      Whenever the opportunity arises, he never tires of mentioning how difficult his childhood was, with a single Italian mother in Germany, with foster parents and an apprenticeship (craft) that started at an early age. His ex-wife is said to have been borderline and alcoholic. The various ex-girlfriends were more or less crazy and disturbed, at least according to his stories.
      Every craft he performs, every meal he prepares, countless selfies, he posts on social media (Facebook) or in WhatsApp groups to get a like.
      I've never seen him self-critical, mistakes he makes are the fault of the others, but never himself.
      In the last 2 1/2 years he has met countless women next to me and lulled them like me, mostly they are temporarily blinded women living in other cities who are currently separated and or in similar weak conditions. But as soon as they respond to him and express a relationship wish, he is gone.
      He always plays the same game with everyone, it is as if he is drawing his self-worth, his worth as a person and a man, with each of them. It gets its size from the praise of others, without this urgently needed food, it is just a shell.

      If I try to clarify things with him, despite cautious criticism, he leaves me standing and walks away with stomping and cursing steps. Not worthy of a 55 year old.

      I am a very open, friendly, humorous, forgivable and intelligent woman. I am attractive. Financially independant. Actually a seasoned, self-confident person. Nevertheless, after such a long time, I am still in this emotional dependence on this man. With his narcissism.
      Who has a lot of empathy in himself and I actually know that he only uses it for his own purposes, to achieve his goal ... and last but not least, to perfect the cliché, I lent him money, of course, like many of his friends ....
      I know I should break off all contact with him yesterday if possible.

      As many of my predecessors have already written, it is such an incredibly difficult decision, also because a large, overlapping circle of friends has developed from it. I hope for you and also for me that we can get rid of such a person. We are worth more than the little that these people are willing to see in us !!

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