The size of Eternity Diamond wedding rings can be changed

Titanium rings | Can you make it smaller or larger?

With titanium rings, the ring size should be measured carefully because they are difficult to change. If you determine your ring size with our free measuring tape, you are entitled to a free ring size change.

Titanium is a fascinating metal, but difficult to work with. Due to its corrosion resistance to organic acids and sea water, it is also becoming more and more important in the commercial sector. Wedding rings made of titanium are elegant and so light that you can hardly feel them on your finger. Thanks to its special properties, titanium has also been in great demand among jewelry lovers since the 1990s and is already the new "in-metal". Today titanium can be designed in such a way that it has a high-quality, very elegant look and is similar to expensive platinum Titanium is far superior to platinum in terms of wearability, but what to do if the ring is too tight or too big?

Have high quality titanium rings made tighter

In the course of life, physical changes can also make it necessary to change the size of the ring. If the titanium ring is too big, it often ends up unworn in the drawer because the wearer cannot find a goldsmith to change. In most cases, widening or narrowing conventional wedding rings made of gold is not a problem. The jeweler can tighten or enlarge them in just a few steps. However, titanium is hard, brittle and tough and cannot be easily reworked. Therefore, changing the size of titanium rings is more difficult, but not an insoluble problem. To change a titanium ring, it is usually melted down and a new, matching ring is made from the mass. The procedure for narrowing is the same. If only a slight expansion of the ring is necessary, a titanium ring can be carefully milled off on the inside.

Making titanium rings smaller - it depends on the metal

If you want to change the size of your titanium ring, the metal must first be of high quality and should have at least purity grade II (C.p. TI = commercial pure titanium). Cheap goods from China are not suitable for post-processing and are not recommended by us. If the titanium ring is made of high quality metal, however, you can have it tightened a bit.

Expand titanium rings with high-tech processes

Titanium, even when alloyed with various metals, cannot be worked in traditional goldsmithing tools. Titanium rings are therefore manufactured using special high-tech processes. Nevertheless, the processing at the jeweler takes place according to the model of traditional jewelry processing techniques. The brilliant edging is also traditionally done manually. If a titanium ring is melted down, the rhodium plating that was previously applied is no longer necessary. For classic tension rings, gold and / or platinum are usually combined with titanium. Tension rings made of several metals can also be changed in size. However, each of the materials must come from perfect production. This service is only offered by qualified goldsmiths.

While the goldsmith can easily change the size of silver and gold rings, titanium presents him with special challenges. But even in this case we at will find the right solution for you.