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The new year is only a few days old and many people are still completely filled with this new beginning and its promises of happiness. Eugen Roth put it in a humorous and lyrical way: "People inexpressibly wish that happiness and glass were unbreakable. Science accomplishes this easily, with glass it has almost achieved it."

When it comes to glass, we know that being unbreakable shouldn't be a feat. After all, better materials are being made every day and many people still expect human progress from the natural sciences. On the other hand, the construction of the picture museum in Leipzig, when all the glass panes had to be removed again, shows that even this simple task was anything but easy. The glass that was then used was found to push the steel structure outwards. We are currently considering how to take this into account ...

And what about luck! We know exactly how endangered our happiness is and that it threatens to break at any time. Our lives can change overnight: some were just blessed with a job that brought a lot of money, a big car and a lot of prestige - and a little later they are unemployed, settled, without a chance and resigned.

For these reasons, it is important not to dream too much about unbreakable happiness at the beginning of the year, but to set realistic goals for yourself. Because it is not uncommon for our dreams to fail because they were simply several sizes too big. Here the disaster at the picture museum can be a lesson: Don't strive for something that simply can't work. And: In the long run it does harm if we compare ourselves with others and emulate their successes. It is better to get to know yourself more and more clearly and to take steps with this "starting material" that may not be seen by others, but are personally important.

So it can be helpful not to dream of great unbreakable happiness, but to take a step towards realizable happiness and be satisfied with it.

Sr. Susanne Schneider, Missionaries of Christ,
Orientation contact point Leipzig

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