How do dominant people think

Self-Awareness Test: How Dominant Are You?

Are you one of those people who like to have everything under control? Or do you let yourself get confused quickly? After all, having a healthy self-confidence and asserting your own interests is not wrong as long as you keep the needs of your counterpart in mind. Do the test for men or for women.

Whoever gives in, forgets himself

You don't like to be the center of attention and leave important decisions to other people? Then you often take a step back and appear less dominant. This is certainly an advantage in many situations. But if you only think about others, you can quickly fall by the wayside. Work on your self-confidence and make demands. That makes you happier and more balanced. And that also has a positive effect on your charisma.

A ramp pig annoys other people

Or maybe you are more of the dominant type? You come into a room and are immediately the center of attention. Regardless of whether you do this consciously or unconsciously, it can quickly annoy other people and turn away from you. Then sooner or later you will be alone.

Find a healthy mediocrity

Neither one extreme nor the other is good in the long run. Therefore, you should position yourself somewhere in the middle where you feel comfortable. Take responsibility and make decisions, but at the same time be considerate and accommodating to others. You will see that this goes down best with other people.

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