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The shipyard was founded in July 1924 in Sosnovka. The proximity of the railway was of great importance in selecting a location, all the necessary fasteners and metal was delivered by it. The navigable river linked shipyard with internal and external seas, where the finished products were transported by water lines. In the first five years the shipyard performed a variety of orders for the national economy, mainly for the fishing industry. Local craftsmen, who had never seen the sea, had mastered the construction of such vessels as barges, marine pontoons, floating fish factories, refrigerators, river dry cargo barges. Before the war, the shipyard was a well-structured company, where the wide experience was gained in the construction of wooden ships. The war destroyed all peace plans of people and many shipbuilders went to the front. During World War II, when the country's fate was decided not only on the battlefield, but also deep in the rear Sosnovka shipbuilders worked selflessly in the name of victory. In late 1941, the plant received the first front-line job - to start producing a snowmobile. During the winter of 1941-1942 shipbuilders gave the front 267 unprecedented machines. In September 1941, Sosnovka shipyard was merged with the branch of the shipyard "Bystri", evacuated from Leningrad, and reorganized into "Sosnovka Shipyard" Bystri ". The yard produced torpedo boats TK-D3 and boats P-19 after the delivery of the snowmobiles. Ship assembly by in line positional method was first used in the Soviet Union in Sosnovka to meet the growing needs of the front, which has a positive effect on product quality and reducing of production process. Our shipyard was awarded the first Class Order of Merit for providing the Soviet Army and Navy during World War II. During the years after the war and until the end of the 80s a small and low-power shipyard became one of the largest shipbuilding companies of the Soviet Union. Production of the shipyard was known in all parts of our country and abroad. But in the early 90s, when Sosnovka Shipyard, among many other companies in the country was left without government orders, it had gone bankrupt and ruined. For 15 years, manufacturing plants were in complete desolation. The Shipyard obtained rebirth in 2006.The shipbuilding was back in Kirov region after 15 years had passed. Since its foundation in 1924, Sosnovka Shipyard grew into one of the leading companies in the construction of a wide range of light-duty fleet. Thanks to the best traditions of the Russian shipbuilding industry, a skilled labor force, modern production facilities and technologies of Sosnovka Shipyard, it occupies a prominent place among the companies which produce products for shipbuilding fishing, passenger and tanker fleet.